This is a funny story; you are going to laugh at the end as you come to know what it was. Tuesday, Sana Drogset Borstrand received an assignment from the editor as she works in iTromso Newspaper; it was quite mundane at a glance.

They received an email from Jostein Hansen, a local man and he was looking for help to track the owner of a pet. In the morning, during dropping his children to school, he found a Hamster. The cute animal was scared and was on the snowy path.

He saved the hamster from ongoing cars or uncertain hit. He kept it safely in his glove box and then mailed to the new paper office. Sanna discovered the fact that Hansen’s daughter also has a Hamster and she understood his urgency for the help too.

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Sanna and Hansen visited the local pet stores that are affiliated with Animal Protection Norway. But they end up the search with a hilarious and surprising fact rather finding the owner. They found that the animal is not a hamster at all but a Norway lemming, a wild animal.

By learning the truth, Hansen was embarrassed and surprised both. It was not even looking for his help. So finally, he returned the animal in its right place. They laughed a lot after knowing the true fact. He said that he was not excited but his concern was to give the pet its right place.

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