Some dogs usually know how to turn the charm on and off. Initially, a dog will seem like an adorable, innocent pup.

But when his owner asks him to change his look up, his whole demeanor automatically changes.

The dog, whose name is Reese, is a strong and handsome Rottweiler. This video is showing him systematically showing off his guard dog skills (acting skills). He starts off by looking totally normal, and then when his owner asks him to show his teeth, he flashes a gorgeous smile at the camera.

Then, his dad tells him to “show [his] mean face,” and that’s when the magic starts happening. Reese curls up his upper lip into a nasty snarl, bares his teeth, and even adds a low, rumbling growl for added effect. He really looks menacing!

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Clearly, Reese has what it takes to be both a friendly family dog and a scary guard dog. When he’s with family, he’s his usual, lovable, smiling self. But if anyone tries to mess with the people he loves, Reese proves he’s ready to handle some business.

My favorite moment is when he drops the tough-guy act the moment his owner says “good boy.”

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