We all have the wish that we will never grow up. This is very much true when you have a little pet and you love to play with them. You also don’t like to see your pet grow up due to the fear that it will not play with you further and will be less active. You might not be happy with the fact.

If you are thinking this way, this video is for you. This video comes with a beautiful moment when a happy dad brings a new small kitty and spends quality time playing with it. Greg Torkarski is in the video clip and he is a YouTuber by profession. The little one is his kitty Button. He is here teaching how to play hide and seek. They are busy in the cute game and it can blow your mind surely.

He also wrote on the channel that after that blissful hide and seek game, Button offered him cute kisses and cuddles to him and we can imagine how cute it could be. You can click on the link to watch this cute game of kitty and dad.

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