Sammi, this adorable dog, was paralyzed due to spinal surgery for the past three years. Every other day the owner of the dog would come to meet the dog through the same door, and nurses always carried the dog to her. Due to this schedule taking place every day, the pet owner had thought that this was just another normal day. However, she did not know that there was a surprise awaiting her.  

All thanks to the daily therapy which Sammi was given, he was enabled to give the owner the most beautiful surprise of all times. Sammi regained his physical health with the help of this therapy. Thus, Sammi was able to walk out of the hospital in a matter of a few months.

Even though the pet owner was aware of the fact that the Sammi would be able to walk one day, still she had no idea when this would happen. Therefore, her response to this beautiful surprise rolled tears of joy in her eyes –as Sammi walked on his own towards her.

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