One day, Shannon was driving her car when it went out of control, throwing her out through the window and causing an accident.

However, no one else was hurt as she was on the road alone. In fact, she and her car stopped over 100 feet off the street!

She was hurt. She was unconscious, and no one saw her at the moment. She was going to die alone out there, but then a stray dog happened to spot the car. The animal walked up and found her lying lifeless. She could feel him licking the blood off her face. The dog was a smart one, and he knew what to do. Wait for it!

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Since there wasn’t anyone near, the canine figured that he could drag her back to the streets to attract attention, and that’s exactly what the dog did. Once there, someone saw her and helped. That’s how this dog saved her life. She had a minor brain hemorrhage but was treated.

Hero is a smart dog who went above-and-beyond to help an injured woman. If you want to learn more about Hero, check out the video below.