Jenni, who resides in South Africa, is the founder and proprietor of Saratoga Stud. She rides, breeds, loves and takes care of the horses. She was delighted when Daisy, her favorite horse got pregnant for the first time in November 2014.

When Jenni and Guy, her co-worker were called to the stables with the night caretaker, Daisy had exceeded the birth date by seven days. They reached at the stables the opportune time when Don Quixote was being born. His small size compared with the big size of her mom, perplexed them.

All of a sudden, the dogs began barking at the stable. Going to see what it was, they were surprised of what they saw. Again Daisy seemed to be having labor pains! Daisy was lying down pushing, and when she saw Don Quixote on his feet, she became interested in her when trying to give birth to another foal. With all the proof that there was another baby to be born, Guy helped in the pulling and Jenni got hold of her. They hoped that the foal was okay and breathing,and indeed she was, they named her Duet. Her size was small but had a lot of energy because she stood up in no time and started to search for her mother’s milk.

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Jenni revealed that the duo is healthy and spends time together grazing in the fields and back to their mother for some milk, them out again to meet new foal friends. She said that the two have brought happiness on the ranch, and they will be part of Saratoga forever.

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