We’ve seen many videos of horses doing lots of stuff, but this one here surely takes the cup. Ever seen a dancing horse? You’re about to, and you won’t believe it!

This happened during a rodeo entertainment break. These guys came out to dance, and they had a horse with them. There’s a guy riding and dishing out the commands to the horse. When the dance starts, you’ll drop!

It’s all about this cool electric slide, “Achy Break Heart,” by Billy Ray. The horse doesn’t miss a move, and you can tell that she trained well and long for this. The whole thing is so perfectly choreographed that the crowd is too amazed not to shout out cheering for the horse and the other performers. This is so lovely!

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In fact, Billy Ray just couldn’t help sharing the video on his own Facebook page. According to him, this is the best thing that ever happened, and you’ll think so too!

Take a look for yourself below to check out this horse’s impressive performance!

Just click on the video watch the full scene here. It’s so nice that you just can’t keep it from your friends.

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