If you had a beloved favorite toy when you were younger then you’ll probably remember the thrill you had when you first received it. The joy of having something new to play with and love is an excitement that we sometimes lose as we grow older. But not for this horse…

The reaction when a kid gets a new toy is a priceless one. But as the kid grows older, the toy becomes unforgettable or even finds its way into the trash can, but not for this horse..

Snipes is one beautiful brown horse who has a playful character. Despite his huge size, Snipes acts like a big baby, he loves to gallop around playing with toys. Every day, his most favorite thing to do is to kick and knock balls around his enclosure and will play with any toy sent his way.

Just like most kids, Snipes has one favorite toy of his own – a red rope toy.  Unfortunately, that toy became worn away because Snipes wouldn’t leave it and play with it so much. So his mom decided to give him one that is completely different.

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That day, Snipes walked up as usual to his normal spot to find his red rope toy gone. Instead, he found something else there. Hanging over the side of one of the wooden beams of his enclosure was a giant stuffed duck toy.

While some people might throw a tantrum over losing their favorite toy, Snipes took it in his stride and instead leaped for joy at his new toy. While he is initially a bit confused, (who is this traitor in my enclosure?!) after some inspection he decides that the ducky is worthy of his time.

Snipes’ enthusiasm for his new toy is infectious – you can’t watch the video without a big smile on your face.

Watch the adorable video below to see Snipes enjoy his first play time with his new favorite toy:

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