Do you know that dogs can throw temper tantrums just like babies? if you have never seen this before, I must tell you it is the funniest thing a dog can do. We guarantee you, there is no crying and screaming involves. This adorable husky is giving you the best demonstration when he is told to do something he doesn’t want to do.

It’s time for the 11-month-old Husky, called Blaze to go to his kennel, but he hates it so much that he refuses to budge when his owner tries get him to his feet.

As the irritated owner tries to move him to his bed, the dog uses his body weight while continually ‘saying’ no.  This dog understands what the word “kennel” means and he’s not happy about it at ALL!!

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I could hardly hold myself, this is the most hilarious response ever… Just watch the video!

Clearly, this husky has quite a unique personality. He must make his owner and the animals that he lives with very happy indeed!

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