Dogs are loyal, lovely, protective, but they’re not so easy to take care of. You need to feed them, walk them, give them love and cuddles. And when you ignore them , they can get little revellious, just like the dog in the video below.

The dog’s owner went into a wine store to buy a few things, she left her dog in the car, locked up, windows cracked.

Apparently, the dog got bored and impatient. So he did something to let her know! he started honking the horn and kept doing it until he got what he wanted.

The dog’s mom shared the video online and dog lovers couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. The same thing happened when she went to the laundromat to pick up clothes too.

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Watch the hilarious video below:

This doggo is certainly impatient but knows all the right ways to get what he wants!

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