You really can’t expect a pet to always behave 100% sanely, can you? Well, at least not when such a little creature happens to be a parrot!

For one, parrots can get stuff into their little heads quite fast. You can make a conversation with someone and the next thing you know; your parrot is mimicking it to a word! They’re just awesome little ones. Now in this video, you meet Larry, and he’s about to send you away with a few cracked ribs. Get set!

So Larry has been listening and memorizing someone’s phone conversation. The parrot is sharp enough to even understand that you can’t start a phone conversation without dialing a number. In fact, there should be a ringing phone first for a conversation to start!

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Next is the conversation, and that’s where this parrot will have you kicking away with laughter. From the look of it, Larry knows what he’s talking about, and he’s making sure it all flows as supposed. You can’t skip this!

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