I can’t stop smiling after seeing these ridiculously adorable photos of a boy and his dog.

Photographer and mom Grace Chon is a self-professed dog lover who rescued her seven-year-old dog, Zoey off of the streets of Taiwan as a puppy.

Grace says that Zoey is normally very shy, but she loves wearing clothes and getting her picture taken. The rescue dog took a bit of time to warm up to Jasper, but once she did, she became the “best big sister” a 10-month-old boy could ask for.

Grace shared her awesome photographs of Zoey and Jasper and it’s clear that the two siblings are best friends for life!

“All you need is a best friend and a silly hat. xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”
“Never go on adventures without your trusty sidekick. xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”

“Guess which one of us likes to work out? (Here’s a hint, it rhymes with Shmasper.) xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”
“Holla back! xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”
“Korean sauna is fun with your best friend! xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”

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“BABY GANGNAM STYLE! xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”
“We’re party animals! xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”
“Hey Polar Vortex people – stay warm. xoxo, Zoey and Jasper.”

“Just livin’ the hug life. xoxo Zoey and Jasper.”

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