When you have a loving pet only then you understand the emotion that the pets are also your family, which are loved and cared unreservedly. So, the imagining that your pet does not come for cuddling or asking for milk in the early morning is really grieving, which actually happened to the family.

This painful and distressing situation kept Paula William’s family in a saddened state for over a month; the family had given in the hope. The family stopped believing that they would ever find their loving dog once again. Kace was lost when the family sent him outside for the bathroom.

After 20 days to the missing Kace, a blizzard hit the family’s town in Texas, which covered the streets fewer than 20 inches of the snow. The family shrank in fear as the worst weather conditions could possibly kill Kace.

After a month, driving back home, Paula was struck with surprise and amazement when she witnessed two little girls getting off the school bus and just at that time Kace was running towards them. Paula leapt out of the car, and cried out, “That is my son, that is my dog.”

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Most thankfully, Kace was taken care of by this warm-hearted family who had fed and kept the dog inside their house during the freezing blizzard time. If the family had now shown kindness, Kace would have been in a destitute condition as of now.

Paula took the Kace back in her arms and took Kace back to the house where her 6-year-old son Kahne was taken by surprise and emotions. This emotional reunion was recorded on the camera, as the young boy had not remained away from the dog for an instant since he was gifted the puppy.

So, if you say the emotional reunion is too little for the word for the traumatic emotions, pick out the best words by watching their reunion here: