Have you ever tried to narrate a story that no one believed? If you have, then you can understand what could’ve happened to this guy if he had not captured this moment on video. It’s almost shocking!

Andrew McLaren is a nice guy who wouldn’t pass up a chance to help someone in need, even if that someone happened to be a scared little wild animal. It happened the day he found himself walking on a dirt road and bumped into something he didn’t expect. Andrew saw a little fox making his way up to him!

It’s really puzzling because no one would expect a little wild fox to just walk up to them, but this one did. The fox happened to have a glass bottle stuck in his head, and the creature knew that his only shot at a longer life would be to ask for human intervention. Smart fox!

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Andrew wasted no time. He quickly got down on the job and within a few seconds, he was done. The cute fox dashed off, but not before looking back to say “thank you!”

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