Parrots are amazing birds. They live their life and know to make us happy in all possible ways. They mimic the sounds of humans and animals. I owned a parrot long time back. I bought the parrot when I was living with a friend. This was the first time we wished to buy the parrot that a classmate sold to us. Without a second thought, we bought the parrot home.

Our classmate said parrots need no extra attention and can be fed easily. Cleaning is also not a time-consuming process and he asked us to let it free in the house, as it dislikes being caged.

With the parrot with us came a noteworthy twist, it had the habit of cursing the guests. My friends used a lot of curse words naturally. The parrot joined us while watching movies. My friends casually took to using the curse words often on noticing something attractive or fascinating. This is where the parrot got the hang of using curse words is my strong belief. Fortunately, here in this video, the parrot has not to use curse words.

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However, what the parrot does is unimaginable and hard to see anywhere, watch, and Share, it is worth watching.