If you know anything about dogs, then you already understand their love for humans. If you could just show a dog a little love, you could be surprised at the much they could love you back. We’ve witnessed this kind of thing many times, and here we’re, AGAIN!

It’s about this dog that got adopted by a loving family. The dog had been hurt many times and she was clearly afraid of going through the same experience again. That’s why Daisy ran away from her adoptive home to run the streets alone. But this wasn’t the best for her, and everyone knew that.

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People felt for Daisy. They would leave some food for her and try to make friends with her, but she always resisted making any friends. If they succeeded in bring her back home, she would ran away again. That’s when a little girl decided to end it!

This 6-year-old came up with a plan. She figured that if she could make Daisy feel loved and appreciated, everything would be okay, and it was!

Watch the video below and see what happened. It’s great!

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