This mailman had no idea whether his actions were being recorded in the camera. But those are the perfect moments – when we really know that nobody is watching – we reveal our true selves.

The reaction of this mailman was captured on camera.

It is very usual for the mailmen to be at enmity with the dogs, standing near the front gates of the house. Some dogs are known to bark and cry over the mailman, which is why most mailmen hesitate to come near to the front gate of the house.

One mailman’s response to the barking and crying of the dogs will surely surprise you – it happened in Texas. Aaron Hernandez lives in Texas with his family and loving five dogs. Their dogs most frequently roam in the front yard of the house so mostly dogs welcome the guests as they arrive into the house.

A home security camera has also been installed by the family, which is located on the front gate for the security reasons. Aaron Hernandez never could have imagined that he would ever have his hands most unique clip from the security camera feed.

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The captured video presents a mailman, who paces towards the main gate of the house, which of courses causes the dogs to bark and cry lovingly and excitedly. From their response, it was very vivid that all five of those dogs were friendlier, and could identify the men. So, the dogs would eagerly welcome the mailman as he came near the gates.

To the most astonishment of the Aaron Hernandez, the mailman only patted his pets with love.

Aaron Hernandez was really surprised by these events and made a decision to reveal the video on his Twitter account. His tweet was viral and received more than 100,000 likes and 32,000+ retweets.

Aaron Hernandez also said that he had also personally witnessed the amazing relationship between the mailman and the dogs when the mailman would only stop at the front gate to only greet his five dogs before going further.

Here do not miss to watch this amazing footage:

Although the mailman is new to the neighbourhood, he has already developed a strong friendship with these dogs!