Bret Winingar was out riding his bike with his son, Zach, in Arkansas, when the duo came across something unusual. They parked their motorcycles and went closer. What they found changed their life forever.

Bret and Zach were riding motorcycles when they saw an animal carrier off the road.

They saw that the top of the carrier had been chewed and that something was trying to get out.

They opened the carrier and were stunned when they saw a starving dog inside. The dog jumped out, but the poor thing was hunched over from being locked inside for so long.

They left the dog and came back with food. The emaciated dog ate it up as fast as she could.

Second time, they came back in a truck so that they could take the dog away.

She showed her appreciation when they put her in the truck.

They gave her a bath as soon as they reached home.

She was named Charlie Bravo, CB for short.

They also took CB to the vet. Her nails had grown so long that they grew backwards into her paws.

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She had many sores on her body that the vet looked after. She is assumed to be around eight months old, but nobody knows for how long she was in the carrier.

From the way her nails looked and the fact that her white paws were black with filth, they presumed she was in the carrier for a long time.

Bret was only planning on fostering CB, but he couldn’t let go of her after she recovered.

And no one can really blame him.

Charlie Bravo now has a loving forever home.

They made a Facebook page about CB, and many donated in order to help them with medical bills.

Since the donations exceeded the cost of the bills, the rest was given to local animal shelters.

The Winingar family now has four rescue dogs and they even plan on starting their own foundation for rescues.

They say they will name it “Charlie’s Angels.”

Check out Charlie Bravo’s Facebook page here.

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