A man who lost his dog four years ago was reunited with his dog thanks to an animal hospital over 400 miles away from where he lives. Mike Plas lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He was shocked recently when he received a call from an animal shelter in the neighboring province of Manitoba asking him if he had a dog named Jack.

Plas wrote on Facebook:

“So I got the greatest phone call I’ve ever gotten yesterday at work around 2:40pm…. an animal shelter from Winnipeg called me and ask my name and if I had a dog named Jack!? So I said I lost him 4 years ago in Ontario. And then they said ‘well we got your info from his microchip and he’s here in Winnipeg’.”

Jack, a Husky and shepherd mix, went missing after he slipped out of his perimeter collar and ran away from home. Plas said that he missed his doggie companion and searched for years, posting online about Jack in the hope someone would find him.

“We did everything together – we went fishing together, went hunting together, he came to work with me half the time. I’d take time off work to celebrate his birthday with him. Some days I’d get really upset, when I’m missing him a lot,” said Plas. “But I never lost hope.”

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As soon as he hung up from his call with Centennial Animal Hospital in Winnipeg he went home and later that evening began the long drive to pick up Jack.

“The next day we finished the drive toWwinnipeg, and me, Kenzi, my sister and husband went to the shelter and told them who I was, showed them a picture of me and Jack and they brought him out and instantly felt like my life was back to normal. Life without him has never been the same and the feeling of having Jacko back is unexplainable. Never EVER lose hope…. I didn’t and after 4 years apart in different provinces we are together again.”

He shared a video of their momentous reunion.

Posted by Mike Plas on Saturday, September 21, 2019

The animal hospital told Plas that Jack was found on a road near the hospital. They have no idea how he got all the way from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg (over 400 miles away). Plas said that his life feels complete again. And it seems Jack feels the same way.

“When they opened up the door and he saw me, he started going crazy,” Plas described. “He started crying, kissing me, rolled over on the ground and wanted me to pet his belly. His tail hasn’t stopped wagging for a while.”

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