It is normal for us, as humans, to help animals in need. Some of these animals get unintentionally in trouble and we’re the only ones to save them.

So when this kind guy, who obviously doesn’t know a lot about cats, was driving he noticed a cat meowing for help, so he knew he had to do something…Luckily he had enough heart to stop and help!

He couldn’t get any help from his friends, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and thankfully his camera was recording it all – this cat is one very lucky cat indeed. he was Inches from instant death if it wasn’t for him!

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He did everything he knew to save this poor kitten! Just watch the story!

The ending is certainly heart-breaking and will move you to tears. However, it’s always feel good to share this kind of stories when humans show their kind sides especially to animals like this poor cat. SO don’t hesitate to SHARE this story too with your friends online to spread kindness! RIP Eff-Zee