Cats are one of the coolest animals on earth. And this video just goes on to further prove it. I thought humans were the ones that were domesticating cats, but as it turns out, I was wrong this whole time! This video shows us that it’s actually cats that are domesticating us! Wait till you see this!

Having a humans to looks after puts a great deal of responsibilities on the tiny felines’ shoulders. And Kodi the cat is perfect example. His human took out a leash, so naturally, I thought he was going to take the cat for a walk. But then something unbelievable happened. Instead of the man taking the kitten out, the cat decided to grab the leash himself instead.

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Then Kodi goes on to demonstrate the different steps on “how to walk your human”. Some people believe that cats are planning for world domination. And after watching this fascinating video, I think I would have to agree! If you want to see “how to walk your human”, just follow Kodi’s master plan!

Now this cat really shows how it’s done! It’s quite unusual to see cats “walk” like this, but this guy is a natural!

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