Few kind-hearted men are from Estonia and they were busy working on Sindi Dam, which is over the Parnu River. What happened next is surely an amazing video that we cannot miss.

They found a dog struggling to swim in the cold freezing water. They rushed to save the animal. They cleared up the road and brought the animal to a vet clinic to offer immediate treatment. But they became surprised when the officials told that it was a wolf but not a dog.

This story was posted by Estonian Animal Protection Union on Facebook and also described that the men were ready to bear all the treatment cost and they told it to them after reaching the vet clinic.

When we got to the shore, the poor wolf was very exhausted, hypothermic and frozen. Young men quickly ran into the car, brought a towel and dried the animal. Then he took him to a warm car and called the animal protection Union.

It was also a challenge for the union to think about what to do in the morning at 8 with a dog in [distress], who could also have been a wolf.

Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe and Erki Väli have rescued the animal and they shared their story with Estonian newspaper that how they cleaned up ice from the road. They pulled up the little animal.

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As it was stiffing and there was ice on its far, they cleaned it with a towel and wrap with it then put it in their car to warm up. They safely rescued it brought it to the Terveks animal clinic in Pärnu.

The wolf was sleeping peacefully after a long car journey. When the hunter confirmed its real identity, it was really surprising for the workers. It was a “new” experience.

The staff of the vet clinic decided to keep it in the cage. After recovery, they released it back in its wild but with a new GPS collar received from a team of researchers of the national environmental agency.