‘The cat is so lucky owners found her!’

The dangerously low temperatures that struck the Midwest of the country resulted in numbers of deaths, mainly of homeless people who couldn’t keep themselves warm. The polar vortex brought wind so cold that parts of the country basically froze and exposed skin could get frostbite in under 5 minutes. 

Among all those poor souls who were most severely affected by this harsh weather was the three-year-old Fluffy that became known as the frozen cat who got back to life. Her story is indeed a miraculous one. 

Animal Clinic of Kalispell reported how the cat resembled a cotton ball when her owners rushed her to the clinic. When they found her frozen solid and buried under all those piles of snow, they were totally devastated and only prayed for it to recover. 

The clinic’s staff told CNN how Fluffy’s body temperature was so low that they couldn’t even get a reading on the thermometer. They assumed it was as low as 90 degrees fahrenheit. 

Being aware how saving the tabby would require a lot more than the standard medical procedures, doctors and nurses tried various unorthodox tactics hoping to get a miracle.

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“They used a few different methods to raise her body temperature: warm water, hair dryers, heated towels that were rotated out,” Dr Jevon Clark said. “And finally, we put her in a heated kennel.”

Fortunately, all the effort resulted in a positive outcome, and after spending the night at the clinic, Fluffy could go home with her owners. Everyone agrees how bringing back this tabby to life was amazing and sort of unbelievable. 

People who stumbled upon the story are thankful for the incredible recovery.

“Thank you all for saving this kitty and thank you for showing us just how bad it can get when an animal is allowed out or escapes in the winter,” wrote one Facebook user. “The cat is so lucky owners found her! Wow,” wrote another.

We are very glad Fluffy got another chance in life, but we believe her story should serve as a reminder for pet owners not to let their cats and dogs outside in the cold.