Cats are quite selfish; they care very little about others.  But the story is a little different with this cat. As the cat found that a mother of a baby is struggling hard to get the little one sleep, it comes to offer help. This cat is well aware of how to make the baby sleep and she knows that better than the baby.

As the baby is not ready to go to bed, but the little one needs sleep, it quickly decided to help the baby. It offered motherly assistance to make the baby sleep. It knows better about the requirements of the baby. The most interesting part of the incident occurs as the baby refuses to go to sleep and how the cat makes him have much-needed sleep.

This is a funny incident but very adorable at a time. Cats are always very smart and this type of incidents can be found very rarely. I have never come to know about such an incident.

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Watch the video below to have real fun and here you will be overwhelmed by overloaded cuteness.

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