Cats are known to do weird stuff that humans cannot explain.

One cat in Malaysia did something odd that left the family members in shock. The family was holding a funeral ceremony when a white feline mysteriously appeared. At first, they were not impressed by the cat’s interruption. Moments later, something stranger than fiction happens!

Cats are strange animals. They will bring you a fresh kill, beg for a cuddle, and bite you without any warning.

There are scientific explanations behind such strange behaviors. Cats are nocturnal hunters and assume humans are bad hunters.

During the burial of one of their kind, the unintended guest caused a stir.

The white feline showed up and stood on the fresh grave. It started circling the grave and even laid down on the dirty patch.

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The cat made himself comfortable even as some people tried to get him off. Things became uneasy when the cat started digging the fresh grave.

After the family left, the cat went back to the grave.

Upon inquiry, the family learned that the cat was a stray and keeps wandering around the mosque.

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Posted by Soffuan CZ on Sunday, September 17, 2017