The two were such good friends.

This story is about a cat named Baby Grey, who shares a precious bond of friendship with another animal. You may think that cats and dogs would not get along, but both Baby Grey and her friend Gracie prove that to be a total myth. Sadly, their friendship came to abrupt end once Gracie passes away due to aggressive lymphoma. It has been a year since her death, yet Baby Grey comes everyday – in hope of seeing her best friend once again.

As per her daily routine ever since their first meeting more than 2 years ago, Baby Grey arrive in Gracie’s home, right in her owner’s yard and would wait eagerly – just beyond the sliding door. Everyday, she would wait for at least 20 minutes, and even longer for Gracie the American Eskimo.

Gracie’s owner, Shea Belew Brennaman, remarked that the two became fast friends soon after they met. As time went by, Baby Grey visited Gracie even more frequently, and the two became even closer to one another.

“We would leave Gracie tomatoes on our porch, as they were her favorite treat, and she would share them with the cat – which was a huge deal because Gracie was very particular about sharing food. Sunbathing was their absolute favorite activity,” Brennaman recalls.

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Gracie was well-known to be an extremely loving, gentle and friendly dog who would fiercely protect the ones she loved.

Gracie was first diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma back in October 2017, just right after her 12th birthday. According to Brennaman, Baby Grey came to see her several times in her last days – and the two just sat by each other. It was as if they wanted to be with one another.

Gracie later on passed away a month later in November 2017. Gracie’s family were upset about her death, and even Baby Grey, who seems to hold a special vigil for her canine friend.

Brennaman has come to expect seeing Baby Grey more than a few times over the past weeks, till this very day. The two were truly, best friends indeed.

Rest in peace, Gracie.

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