Perhaps you love watching movies, but have never come across funny moments that happen with news reporters behind the camera? Those strange things that you watch on movies also happen with news reporters before they can give you the end product. In the video below, a Greece news reporter for Macedonia TV is given his equal measure of the giggles while doing a story.

As the clip begins, a male news reporter is seen standing in front of the stalls, and a big but attractive horse is also seen paying attention to the man as he speaks. As soon as the man begins to show love to the female horse, she with no delay also likes what he says. As a sign of responding to the reporter who is speaking about the aggressive style of horse riding, the horse starts to scratch its neck using her nostrils while rubbing her as well.

The reporter then tries to keep calm by ignoring the move by the beautiful animal and continues with his story. The clip gets interesting when the horse cannot hold back her attraction to the reporter and decides to move closer to him. The news reporter, who can no longer hold his laughter, bursts into laughter loudly, and he is forced to retell his story from the start.

The attraction however, goes on for a while as the two cannot hide their faces. May be because the reporter does not want to ruin the shot but all in all, the funny moments were caught on camera.

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