Christmas is approaching fast and the air is full of excitement. Most people have already gone for the Christmas decorations and most homes across the world are already looking great. Normally, during Christmas, we experience cold temperatures and as a result, everyone prefers cute pyjamas. It is an idea that even Daffy the horse has readily adopted.

Daffy’s owner, Jacjie Rowberry, works at Animal Dramatics as a trainer. She was worried that Daffy may feel uncomfortable while out in the cold and decided to make him the clothing. She wants Daffy to take part in the upcoming Christmas Racing that will be held at Berkshire and believes the pajamas will help him as he prepares for the event. Racegoers who attend the events normally come dressed in festive clothes.

The clothing was custom made for the horse and I think he looks cute in it. What do you think about Daffy’s looks? Don’t you think it is a great idea to make sure our animal friends are warm during this cold season?

Watch the video below :

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