If there are pets that are very hard to predict what they really are into, they are the cats. These felines can be doing one thing in a second, and in another second they are doing another thing. Basically, they change their minds in a flash of a second. If you ever ask cat owners if they have had to wake up in the wee hours of the night to open the door for their cats to either enter or go out, you will be surprised with the answer you will get.

To curb this disturbance, cat owners tend to opt for a pet door, which will enable them think of other things other than having to be the door guard to open for the cat when he wants to go out and also when he wants to enter the house.

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In the clip below, we see as this cat owner takes about an hour and a half just to fix a cat door. He was doing this because Philo, his cat, had been giving him a hard time when he wants to leave or get into the house.

Upon finishing, he was shocked to see how the cat reacted. Thinking that the cat will be happy to use the cat door which is actually a hole at the door, this cat decided to pay no attention to it. Instead, Philo makes an attempt to reach the door handle so that he can open the door, of which he is successful.

Watch the clip below to see the owner’s reaction when he realized that Philo was ignoring the cat door.

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