A horse named Freedom is living up to her namesake after firefighters hauled her out of a trench where she’d been trapped for 12 hours. Even more miraculously, GoPro says the entire effort to get her out of the trench was caught on one of their cameras.

The saga started when owner, Marek Słodkowski, heard strange noises coming from his barn. When he pulled up, already with his GoPro rolling, he saw his horse Freedom helplessly stuck in the car trench. Słodkowski couldn’t get her out alone, so he called the fire department for backup.

The video shows the crews struggling to mobilize the horse, who was having difficulty standing up to climb out. Słodkowski pleads with Freedom, “Don’t die. Don’t die” as they figure out what to do next.

Finally, Freedom is able to stand and that’s when the 12 man fire crew and Słodkowski swoop in to lift her out of the trench. The GoPro camera catches Freedom’s rescue, and trot back into the pastures in Poland.

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To see this incredible rescue unfold, check out the video below.

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