If you thought that people are the only ones who love meeting new friends, you’ve been so wrong, and now is a good time to restructure your beliefs. By the time this video hits the last mark, you’ll know just how much it means to an animal to find a new friend. This is awesome!

This happened at a farm in Minoka, Illnois. So here we have this lonely horse that’s been used to spending his days skipping over poles in preparation for a competition in the Olympics. By all accounts, Vuvu is always a busy animal, but that doesn’t mean he’s not lonely. You see, being the only animal in training in a big space in not easy. His owners knew that!

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In the clip here, you watch as Vuvu gets introduced to a new “fellow animal” to play with around. The animal in question comes in the form of a stuffed cow. At first, Vuvu is a little reserved to the prospect of nurturing a relation with a strange fellow, but when he finally masters the courage to get the animal? It’s action galore!

Watch this and get smitten right now.

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