Vacationing is like breaking the ties and going carefree. However, pet parents do not feel the same.

They feel guilty that they are unable to bring their four-legged companion along. The nightmare is to see the feel in the eyes of your furry friend as you return home. Their eyes show they were deserted, though their actions reveal happiness. A dog owner can feel the cold reaction of their pet as he was dropped at a pet boarding and was bought home later.

The boxer’s owner, Hannibal returned from a trip anticipating an excited dog. Disappointing was the reciprocation of their boxer when they went to pick him up in Olympia, Washington from the ‘Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay’.

Hannibal experienced mixed feelings and could not meet the continuous glare from his boxer. His pet stood upright and was giving a sharp stare.

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Though, Hannibal moved here and there, trying to gain his boxers attention, it was not through. His gaze reminded the way Mona Lisa’s eyes moved and followed wherever you go.

Many people asked the owner to be careful as they noticed the pet was watching the owner with disgust. It means it could revenge. Some connected his facial glare expression to Samuel Jackson, the actor, who is popular for his cold stare.

One viewer also cracked a joke that everything was dead and the staring was intense that it could burn your soul. “The furniture, dead… your house shoes, dead… clean floor, dead,”

It is best the fences are mended and both the owner and the pet get some cool-off period.

Watch how the boxer shoots eye lasers in this video, and share with pet owners.


  1. As a dog owner you suck.
    Clearly this dog wants to be with someone else.
    This video proves that you lack any empathy for any soul because you have none.
    The hell you’re going to for posting your c**p is a cold, wet and wormy place.


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