Ask me about one of the goofiest species, and I’ll mention the birds. You see, these little creatures can really get silly, and most often you end up cracking up at their hilarious ‘’performances.’’

Get one macaw, and then get a cockatoo, and then leave the two birds to their devices. If one of them tries a move, you’re going to break a rib. That’s exactly what happened when these good owners matched up Sadie and Jonathan.

On this good occasion, Jonathan happened to be in a great mood to pull off some moves, but Sadie isn’t the kind of bird to take show-offs, so he decided to give Jonathan a taste of his own medicine by turning the whole episode into a dancing competition. You should see the owner’s reactions. Those people will head to a hospital, and you too!

Just watch this and drop on the floor. It’s so incredibly hilarious I had to replay it a few more times to make me writhe some more.

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