A pelican that was hurt during a violent hurricane in Florida continues to survive thanks to a kindly Good Samaritan.

Alberta the Pelican lost a wing in the hurricane last year but now lives on a dock in Horseshoe Beach, Florida on the Canal.

In a video shared on reddit by genesislaw1, the water bird is seen squawking and making her way along the dock to a door to be let in. She wants to get at the refrigerator inside, where genesislaw1’s sister keeps fish.

genesislaw1 introduces the video: “Alberta is a Pelican that was hurt in the Hurricane a year ago, she lives on my sister’s dock and everyday she waits for my sister to come home and always goes to the refrigerator to get her food, the local fisherman and shrimp boaters feed her when they pass her.”

Watch the video below (click the image if the video does not automatically start playing.

Alberta gobbles down those fish and it’s adorable how she knows exactly where to go when the door is opened. genesislaw1 shares that although Alberta can’t fly she “swims a lot, just not far…she stays around the docks.”

Around the dock, Alberta stares at the water and the other birds frequently. And although it’s sad seeing the pelican watch her friends fly away, unable to follow them, genesislaw1 says that his sister Wendy and her family and the other birds do their best to keep her company.

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“It’s sad watching her watch the other birds leave her behind, they take her for boat rides so at least she can feel the wind,” genesislaw1 writes, and adds, “Yes she stares at the water a lot, but the cool thing is her friends come around her to swim, I think cause they know everyone feeds her.”

Wendy makes sure she has a “good bit of fresh fish” on hand for Alberta. She and her family “go and buy her tubs from the fish hatchery when the fishing is bad so they will always have fish on hand for her.”

“Many fisherman will give her [Wendy] live fresh fish, but Wendy still has to buy fish on days no one catches anything,” genesislaw1 explains. “Alberta just knows where they keep her fish, she can swim in the canal and they throw fish for her in the water so she will not loose her ability to fish, she just loses balance cause her wing is gone. She has a lot of Pelicans fly in and hang out with her.”

Alberta is also friendly with Wendy, letting her touch her. But she only lets Wendy pet her.

Once Alberta has had her fill of fish she lets Wendy know, until the next day’s dinner time.

genesislaw1 also shared Alberta learning how to get up and down the stairs (hint, she goes sideways).

It’s heartwarming to see that Wendy and the locals in the area have gone above and beyond to help the injured pelican.

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