A puppy named Trixie, one noon was walking along a driveway outdoors and it appeared something was stalking the pup.

No humans were close by and it appeared the pup was a clear target.  The stalker was a wild coyote. It attacked the pup, unknowing that Trixie was under the surveillance of another canine. The entire scene got into the security camera that showed only for 5 minutes Trixie was left alone and the coyote appeared to carry Trixie and there came the appearance of a furry figure.

It was a Rottweiler living next door. His name was Happy. He startled the wild coyote all of a sudden with full strength that the coyote ran away leaving Trixie away. Happy chased away the wild coyote.

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Happy kicked up clouds of dust in the chasing activity after the wild coyote. Trixie, during the chase, was left alone that the pup ran to safety. Happy’s heroic act saved the pup and what a gesture!

Watch how Happy’s intervention below:

Happy and Trixie stay as best friends today. An affectionate canine bond! Bravo, Happy!