Gemma is a beautiful and gorgeous white German Shepherd, whose owners turned their back on their pet. The dog was seriously ill, who was suffering from the 70% infected body from the severe democectic mange. Even when Gemma was treatable, she was disowned and deserted at a shelter house instead of taking the dog to the vet.

As the Gemma was undergoing the loneliness, grief and the discomfort, her lifesaver came in the face of the Jolene. In the St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary in California, the dog was abandoned, came to save her life. Jolene started caring for the dog. Jolene would give bath to Gemma twice or thrice a day. This created a powerful strong between the Jolene and Gemma, and Jolene insisted her husband to bring Gemma home. Luckily, her husband agreed.

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As the dog stood on her feet once again, her new owner noticed a change; a bulge on her stomach. The worried and tensed Jolene hurriedly took Gemma to the vet for the ultra-scan, where she found out that Gemma was pregnant – what an amazing secret it was! Jolene could not believe Gemma was expecting babies all along without her knowing.

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