When the auto mechanics at R&R Garage heard crowing outside their door last summer, they knew there was a rooster at their doorstep, they just didn’t realize the bird would make their shop his new home. But since then Earl, as they like to call him, has become a fixture at the auto shop in Powells Point, NC. He’s also become a bit of a local celebrity with customers bringing their family along to to visit Earl when they come and pick up their cars.

“We can’t believe the attention Earl is getting … it’s the town gossip now,” co-owner Joe Gallo said. “We do have customers that bring other friends or family to see Earl when they come pick up their vehicles.”

The rooster just showed up one day, Gallo explains. They thought he might have gotten lost or abandoned and that he would soon find another place to roost. But Earl has settled into a routine at the garage and has become a big morale booster says R&R Garage owner Nevin Kenan.

The mechanics now treat him like a pet. “He comes running when the first guy comes in to open up for the day,” Gallo said. “He gets his cup of scratch, then wanders the shop looking for any bugs that may be around. He gets up under all the toolboxes and workbenches looking for spiders and anything else he can find.”

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If there are French fries or caramel popcorn he’ll go for those too.

Gallo told the Virginia-Pilot that Earl has had a few close calls during his stay. One time they had to rescue him from a dog on the loose who was chasing Earl and even managed to grab a few tail feathers. Now Earl perches high in a tree when he’s outside, wisely out of reach of any canines. The mechanics also keep an eye on Earl when he’s in the shop so there aren’t any accidents with the heavy equipment and tools.

And becoming his celebrity status, the shop plans on making t-shirts featuring Earl.

Watch Earl strutting his stuff in the video below.

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