Hollie Mallet and her husband were busy reviewing their home security footage when they noticed something strange in the video: A little boy riding his back came to a skidding stop right in front of the entrance to their garage.

He looked around to make sure no one was watching him — other than Hollie’s security camera, which he didn’t seem to notice — before dropping his bike and rushing inside.

And what he did next left Hollie in disbelief!

“This little boy loved our dog so much that he just wanted to steal a quick hug!” Hollie said in the video below.

Hollie and her husband watched as the little boy ran into her garage for the sole purpose of embracing her pet dog, Duchess.

And the way Duchess reacted made it seem like it hadn’t been the first time the boy had visited her!

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Hollie was so moved that she posted the video on Facebook, asking if anyone knew who the boy was and stating that he could come and see Duchess whenever he wanted.

The boy was revealed to be Josh Breaux after his mom came across the post. They lived in the same neighborhood as Hollie. “I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property.”

According to her, Josh’s dog Bella passed away, leaving a void in his life. His occasional hugs with Duchess were just his way of enjoying a pet again!

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