Many stray dogs are deemed outcast by the society, spending their days struggling to find food and wandering the streets, until good Samaritans come along and show them not everything is as bad as it seems and give them hope for a better, brighter tomorrow. These people restore our faith in humanity and teach us that every life is worth saving.

When a groomer named Kari Falla was going through the Facebook page of volunteers posting stories of animals in need of help, her attention was caught by the most recent story of a dog with severely matted fur which was discovered on the side of the road. Falla couldn’t wait for the daybreak and decided to open the doors of her shop BGE Grooming that same night.

Despite the late hour, Falla agreed to welcome the dog at her shop. She knew he was already feeling bad so she couldn’t imagine letting him spend the night in a cage.

“They arrived at my shop at midnight and it took three hours to groom him. A normal groom only takes an hour-and-a-half,” Falla told Inside Edition. “When a dog is matted that badly, it can cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog.”

The condition of the dog she named Lucky was worse than they initially thought. The matting was painful, he was unable to go to the bathroom by himself, and was infested with flees.

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“I could tell he’d been that way for a few years from the pictures. You could tell it was extreme neglect,” Falla said. “I knew it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. It smelled like death and the dog could not walk. They had to carry it.”

Despite his extreme discomfort, Falla says Lucky behaved like an angel while she bathed him and shaved away the matts.

“The dog was perfect for me when I was grooming him. It’s like he knew I was helping him,” Falla said. “Once we shaved him, he was wagging his tail and was so happy. I knew I did the right thing.”

Lucky is the sweetest little puppy. He was taken to the vet who told them the dog was only four years old, and was unfortunately both blind and deaf. He is now placed in a foster family, and we hope he will soon be adopted and taken to a forever home.

Watch the amazing transformation of Lucky in the video below:

Falla says that Lucky’s case is the worst she has ever seen. Thanks to her kind heart, this lovely dog got a second chance for a better life. Share this story with your friends and families!