They always heard bizarre sounds from within their wall. It sounded like small meows, and the woman was inquisitive, so she resolved to cut an opening in the drywall to save anything was entrapped within.

She was aware she had to do anything at all costs to get the thing out. She put a thump about her hand to prevent getting injured by the nails and the sharp-edged items in the drywall. She then stretched her hand into the opening to remove a miniature little kitten.

After she took it out, she went on to hear meowing sounds within the wall, only to know there was more than one kitten in there.

She removed one after another until all the four kitties were protected. If it were not for the lady, the cats would still be entangled, and they may not have stayed alive.

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These folks had a big hole in their wall, but it was of importance to rescue the lives of these cute kittens.

They never cared about the origin of the kittens or how they got stuck into the wall, but thank goodness they were loud enough so that people could hear them. This lady is a real hero for rescuing these babies.

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