Dogs are lovely creatures. They do things that make us smile. Have you met the Internet singing dogs? I am talking about dogs that play the piano better than I do.

Buddy Mercury is not your usual dog that loves to be cuddled. The rescued Beagle has a rare talent that will blow you away. The talented pup can play the piano and “howl sing”. When his owner leaves the piano unattended, the beautiful and talented pup music passion arises. He bashes the piano and sings his heart out in dog language.

Buddy Mercury’s owner shared the video of the dog bashing the piano and singing on YouTube. It has over 2 million views followed by heartwarming comments from the viewers.

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If the dog had a stage name, it would be ‘Stevie Won-Dog”. The talented pup even does his signature oohs and head sways.

Watch the talented pup in action and let us know what you think in the comments section. You will fall in love with his passion.

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