This video below features a story of a blind deer who was rescued by a veterinarian, Melanie Butera who eventually took her in and decided to take good care of her. In the summer of 2004, Melanie came across this blind fawn, whom she later named Dillie. Dillie was almost at the brink of death, however, Melanie took good care of her and saved Dillie’s life. But little did she know that Dillie would pay her back with something more incredible.

Melanie loves Dillie like a child. She has provided her with her own bedroom with a cozy bed and a lot of stuffed toys. Dillie loves lollipops and Melanie loves feeding her. Melanie has been battling with stage 4 cancer. But according to her, Dillie has taught her something very important about life; i.e. “every life is a gift”. It has given Melanie the strength to fight and live on.

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Watch this heartrending story in the video below:

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