Blue looked pretty rough when he came in a Texas shelter in May. The 4-month German Shepherd was thin and had missing pieces of fur. Besides, the poor animal was afraid of anyone approaching him.

Fortunately, the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue team saw Blue and decided to intervene. The pup and his sister, Roxanne, were rescued and taken to Virginia.

Before transporting Blue and Roxanne across the country, both dogs went to an animal hospital. There, the veterinary team made a disturbing discovery: Blue had parvovirus, a deadly disease that attacks and breaks a dog’s intestinal linings.

“There was a time when he was definitely very sick, and we were not 100% sure he could survive,” said Kaitlin Vazquez, co-founder of Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue.

Despite sharing a kennel with Blue, Roxanne was not ill. So she traveled to Virginia and was received in a temporary home. Blue, on the other hand, had to stay in the hospital for over a month. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and soon moved to Virginia.

A dog lover, named Julia Downer, immediately offered to welcome Blue. However, when the dog came to Downer’s house, she realized that it was going to be a challenge. “When he got here, he was completely off,” Downer said. “It was like he really did not know how to be a dog.”

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Blue was terrified

Blue did not want Downer or anyone else to touch him. “He found a spot in front of our dishwasher, and he would not leave it for anything,” Downer said. “It was disturbing and broke my heart to see a dog that was afraid and so insecure.”

Downer had two other dogs in his house: Simba and Koda. Fortunately, they seemed to help Blue get out of his shell. He began to explore the house further, and Downer discovered that Blue liked to play with a tennis ball.

After a few weeks, Blue turned into a different dog. Downer was tempted to keep Blue. However, when the perfect person offered to adopt him, she could not say no. Blue moved in with her new mother in September.

“She was so excited,” Downer said. “She sent me a photo of Blue in front of the ocean and you can see how happy he was.”

The Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue team could not be happier with how things happened and everyone is impressed by the transformation Blue has made. “He turned out to be a very friendly and carefree guy,” Vazquez said.

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