Here am I, ever wondering when humans will end their cruelty. I mean, how doesn’t one even start imagining hurting an innocent creature? A poor dog?!

If you think I’m overreacting, it’s probably because you haven’t seen what such heartless people are capable of. Just see what someone did to this poor dog. From what you see here, you’ll agree that whoever is responsible had a clear motive to kill this dog. But why?!

For many months, a crook starved this dog. She was desperate, dying, and her organs began to shut down.

But there are still people worthy of a trip to heaven. Someone found the dog and called Rescue from the Hart who rushed to the scene and took her in. They cared for her and did everything they could to keep her alive. At one point, the situation almost got out of hand.

The dog’s condition was so severe that she was drifting off into the next world. Just beside her, a kid was watching, staring sadly at her. In the deep of the stare, sparks of life brew!

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The dog survived. They named her Angel, and she’s now a happy creature. Watch this and get the full story. Please SHARE!