This story is about a mother cat who visited the health centre to give birth to her child. This incident happened early this year. This cat was going through her labour pain and the staff attended this little cat after hearing her crying sound outside the door.

The medical staff was confused and did not understand first the reason for her crying. They look closer at the stomach of the cat and found that she is pregnant. They bring her to the nearest veterinarian because they are more skilled to treat such cases.

According to Vet Sefer Durmus, the cat was in a severe condition when they received it and was suffering from too much pain. Her time to give natural birth had already passed so the vet went for an operation. Dr Durmus performed a proper caesarean operation for this mother cat.

 The little cat has given birth of four little kittens. According to Sefer Durmus, the mother cat was in a safe and healthy condition after giving birth to her children through the caesarian method. We hope that the mother cat and her children will be better and adopted as they are perfectly fine.

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Watch the full story in the video below:

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