There’s something about maternal love that makes it the strongest parent-child connection ever. A mother can sacrifice her own life if ever it means the survival of her offspring. However, you probably didn’t know that this kind of emotion applies to animals too. You’re about to find out!

This is the story of Dongsuk the mama cat. Being a stray cat, Dongsuk depended on well-wishers for food, particularly this one cool lady who had grown to understand the cat’s needs. Every day, Dongsuk would show up at the lady’s place to get something to eat. However, the feline never took anything that wasn’t in a bag. The reason?

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This will blow you away!

You see, the cat had given birth to 5 little kitties, but they succumbed to an accident – all but one. That’s why Dongsuk always wanted food to carry in a bag so she could go feed her “only child.” Such a mother’s love!

One day, the woman followed her and found out the secret.

Watch the clip below to find out what happened to Dongsuk and her kitten:

It’s so lovely to see people dedicate their lives to looking after animals who don’t have a home.

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