There is no end to a mother’s love. They are the only ones in the world that love their babies more than they love themselves. Their love is so supreme that it transcends everything else. We can see this being proved in everyday events. For instance, we sometimes hear about mothers lifting up a whole car if they see it crushing their baby. They defy the laws of nature when it comes to their kids!

Similarly, a mother’s love is so much that it even overcomes the differences between different species. A dog was found nursing a kitten at the bottom of a ravine. The ravine was too deep for them to get out on their own, so the dog was doing everything she could do to comfort and protect the kitten.

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After animal rescuers found the pair, they brought them together to the shelter. That is when the dog even started nursing the kitten. She was going through pseudo pregnancy, and was even lactating to feed the kitty. This is so unusual, as cats and dogs are said to be mortal enemies.

After hearing about their amazing story, many people came forth to adopt them. They have now found a loving forever home, where they will live out the rest of their lives together.

Check out their amazing story below:

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