If you’ve ever walked on a street and passed by a street musical, then you’ll really appreciate their efforts. These people endure all the weather and the backaches that come with the bending of their backs to play their instruments, not to mention their sore fingers as a result of “scratching” the guitars.

Personally, I always make sure to give them something whenever I happen to bump into one. Now, you realize that street musicians only get their audience when people aren’t so busy with their stuff, may be over breaks like lunch and after work hours. But that’s not to say that these people have absolutely no audience. NO!

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Look at this video and get the point. Here’s this Malaysian guy doing his thing on the street. At one point, he decides to quit the whole thing and move out, but then something else gets his attention. Unknown to him, some 2 cats have come so close to him to listen to his music. That encourages him to continue playing. Soon, more cute felines show up and the shows heats up some more. I love this!

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