It was when E511, a YouTube user was having a ride on her motorcycle that he came across an orange creature running around a very busy junction. On having a clear look, she realized that it was a little kitten that was minutes or even seconds away from being killed. She immediately sprang into action to save the helpless cat from death.

Some onlookers said that the kitten had fallen from a red car’s screen, forcing it to land on the intersection.

She thanked all those who assisted in the rescue – that comprise of the passersby and the drivers who had to stop for the rescue to take place. The kitten was found to be a male and it is in safe hands.

After she uploaded the rescue video, she again uploaded another clip whereby she responds to some of the queries that viewers were asking. The male kitten was named Skidmark, and is currently with her because all the efforts to track the owner of the kitten who apparently owned the red car have gone in vain. The reason why she was in search of the woman in the red car was to find out if she was the real owner of Skidmark, or let her be aware that stray animals are scary more so when they are in the undercarriage. She finished saying that the woman had her contacts and the highlights of what happened, so she is waiting for her to get in touch.

The clip has received many comments saying that she was a hero for having saved the little kitten from the death row and congratulating her for being an excellent motorcyclist ever.

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