Turtles are magnificent species. They are one of the longest living creatures on earth; their life-span is approximately 100-150 years. However, age is not the only unique thing about turtles. I’m mostly fascinated by their breeding process. Even though turtles live in sea, a female turtle travels all the way to a sandy shore to lay her eggs. Not only that, but after laying the egg, mama turtle returns to the sea and never looks back.

It might seem a little cruel that mama turtle doesn’t look after the turtle babies after their birth. But, keep in mind that a pregnant turtle does all she can to keep her eggs safe and expertly hidden from the predators. She digs a deep hole in the sand, lays her egg and then covers it with the sand again. She lays egg nearest to the ocean so that the newly hatched turtles would be able to find their food themselves. Female turtles mostly nest during the warmest month of the years.

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This video below features a newly hatched turtles in a beach in Florida making their way towards the ocean. Watch this incredible video below and share your thoughts via comments!

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